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Compound Asphalt Pigment

The so-called colored asphalt concrete pavement refers to the mixing and mixing of decolorized asphalt with various colored stones, pigments and additives at a specific temperature, and then it can be prepared into various colored asphalt mixtures, which are then formed by paving and rolling. Our colored asphalt products are available in five colors of RED, YELLOW, GREEN, GRAY and BLUE.Colored asphalt concrete pavement with certain strength and road performance. Also known as colored asphalt pavement.



(1) It has good road performance. Under different temperatures and external environments, its high temperature stability, water damage resistance and durability are very good, and there is no deformation, peeling of asphalt membrane, etc. Bonding is good.

(2) It has bright and lasting color, does not fade, can withstand high temperature of 77 °C and low temperature of -23 °C, and is easy to maintain.

(3) It has a strong sound-absorbing function. When the car tires roll at high speed on the road, they will not generate strong noise due to air compression, and can also absorb other noises from the outside world.

(4) It has good elasticity and flexibility, and has good “feet”. It is most suitable for the elderly to walk, and it can also be non-slip in winter. In addition, the color mainly comes from the color of the stone itself, and it will not cause great harm to the surrounding environment.

Range of Use

-Walkways, sidewalks, private streets, bike lanes, dedicated bus lanes and parking areas;

-Walksways in parks, conservation areas, tourist resorts;

-Stopping areas, intersections and emergency lanes.

Rate and Method of Application

The rate of application depends on the desired level of coloring, between 30 – 50 kg per ton of asphalt mix.

The pigment is injected directly into the mixing section of the asphalt plant drum mixer (where aggregates mix with the AC/bitumen). Once added, the asphalt pigment should be mixed for a minimum of 45-60 seconds at a minimum temperature of 150°C and a maximum temperature of 190°C.

Application & Construction Case

1. Facilitate traffic management

2. Prevent traffic accidents/slip

3. Traffic slowdown reminder

4. Absorb noise and beautify the environment


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