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Product Introduction

Carbon Black is an additive mainly used for coloring and rubber and plastic products reinforcement. The feature that made Carbon Black widespread in the industrial production is its ability to give a deep, everlasting black color.

Carbon black contains more than 99% pure carbon. Other components are oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. It is available in powder or beads (pellet) form. The black particles are 10nm to approximately 100nm in size and fuse into chain-like aggregates, which define the structure of individual Carbon Black grades. Depending on the production process parameters, Carbon Black types differ in particle size, structure, surface chemistry, porosity, and many other characteristics. The properties of most Carbon Black grades are determined by industry-wide standards. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is the most widely used, especially for Rubber Carbon Black grades.

Our Industrial Rubber Carbon Blacks provide a wide array of product qualities – each unique to the application desired. From resistance for weather stripping and commercial roofing to abrasion resistance for footwear and flex strength for conveyor belts and hoses, carbon black provides the essential properties for many of your everyday rubber applications.

Shade Card (Technical Data)



1. The product has bright color, high tinting strength and hiding power. It is stable to light and atmosphere, has good alkali resistance, is easy to disperse, and can prevent color floating and penetration in the system.
2. The product powder is natural and delicate, the color and light are stable, and it is not easy to fade.
3. The company independently researches and develops, produces, has a wide range of uses and low prices.
4. The company has multiple equipment testing, and the finished products are fine to ensure product quality.

Main Uses

Carbon black is used in various formulations with different rubber types to customize the performance properties of tires. Engineers combine different tread and carcass grades of carbon black to optimize such properties as handling, treadwear, fuel mileage, hysteresis and abrasion resistance for the ever changing needs of today’s drivers.

Carbon black can be used in tire and rubber products reinforcement, It is pure black powder or ganular, and has high reinforcement capacity for rubber products and tire manufacture, and could increase rubber service life. Our company could custome produce carbon black products depend on customers requirement.


Industry Carbon Black N220

Applicatons: paints, plastics, inks, coatings & more


Carbon Black N330

Good wear properties and processing. Used in passenger through truck tires.


Carbon Black N550

It is primarily used in steel wire-coat compounds for radial tires.


Carbon Black N660

Industry standard carcass / innerliner compound black.

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