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Product Introduction

Iron oxide pigment powders is chemical compounds composed with formula Fe3O4. Synthetic black iron oxide is the common colorant in concrete and cement paint. It is an  color  inorganicpigment,  with chemical stability, strong color strength, fine dispersion and excellent light resistance, weather resistance, widely used in paint, building materials, with a wide range of market space.

Iron oxide black is an important inorganic syntheic black pigment powder, hchemical stability,with high hiding power,strong color strength,good dispersion and excellent lightfast,weather resistance.It is widely used in construction industry,paint processing and plastic.

It Is often as inorganic pigments and colorants, iron oxide black was used in the fabrication of various concrete, iron oxide black because has the very good compatibility, even in water-based wall paint, also has the very good properties in oil paint, iron oxide black of easy to use, directly add to the cement can be used when using, all kinds of room inside and outside surface of the concrete and construction ceramics.

Product Type Fe2O3 Package Oil Absorption Tinting Strength PH value
Iron oxide black 722; 330; 318; 750 ≥95 25kg/bag 15-25 95-105 5-7

Feature: As an important inorganic colorant, iron oxide red is characterized high opacity, strong tinting strength, easy dispersibility, excellent light fastness and perfect weather resistance.


1) It has very strong chemical resistance, that is to say, it can withstand the test of different pH values, whether acidic or alkaline substances, iron oxide black tolerance is very strong.

2) It has a certain heat resistance, can withstand the test of different temperatures, stability under high temperature conditions, it is applied in the paint industry, will not be affected by the change of temperature, or not with the change of temperature stability, high temperature or low temperature can maintain very high stability.

3) With good anti-flocculation, the product is not easy to produce flocculent or agglomerate and other phenomena, good dispersion, has great benefits for subsequent use.

Main Uses

1. Used for pigments and polishing agent, such as paint, plastic and building surface coloring.

2. Used as inorganic black pigment. Iron oxide black is widely used in ink, watercolor, oil color, paint, architectural paint, building materials coloring.

3. Iron oxide black in the electronic communication industry for the manufacture of magnetic steel, can also be used as an alkaline dry battery cathode plate, in the machine manufacturing industry for steel flaw detection.

4. Iron oxide black is also used in the metallurgical industry, is an important mineral raw material for iron making.

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