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XT Pigment is a leading global pigment solution provider, that has a long history of expertise in pigment production going back more than 20 years and has made us a reliable supplier of iron oxide. A comprehensive product range, broad technical expertise, and a production facility that meets the highest environmental standards are the defining features of XT Pigment.

Our business include:

High-quality iron oxide manufacturing is the core business.
Supplying pigment in a cost-effective way with fully customized supply solutions for all industries.

XT pigment focuses on the requirement of customers, which is the inexhaustible motivation for our continuous improvement and development of new products. Automation equipment also helps us meet customer needs more efficiently. The production, management, and logistics department focus on efficiency and performance.

The sustainability of the products and processes is absolutely essential. Production processes have always been designed to conserve resources and preserve the environment – and to be safe and sustainable, which are also subject to constant improvement.

Customers can rest assured that they have a sustainable supplier. For us, economic and ecological sustainability go hand in hand.

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Why Choose Us

Advanced Technology

The indispensable advanced testing equipment and high-quality technical personnel is a strong guarantee for Baoji Xuan Tai Pigment Technology  Co., Ltd. to produce, research and develop high-quality products.

Quality Control

During the selection of raw materials, semi-finished and finished product production, take in and out warehouse, our technicians are tracing the whole process, and strictly to ensure product quality without defects.

Develop New Products

In addition to routine quality checking, our technicians continuously develop new varieties and products according to customer's request and market trends, so as to meet the needs of more customers.

Improve Skills

To keep up with the pace of market demand, our company regularly or irregularly send technicians to study and master the new testing technologies in time, enhance the skills of researching and developing new products.

Our Product

  • XT pigment mainly produces iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, iron oxide black serial products, etc.
  • Red, yellow, and black pigment ground into ultra-fine particles using the pulverization technology disperses easily and has high gloss, weather, and color-resistant characteristics.
  • The series of products are widely used for high-grade paint, plastic, rubber, ink, leather goods, paper, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and other fields.
  • Pigments like iron red, iron yellow, etc. roast ferric oxide series have high temperatures, light, weather-resistant characteristics, and apply to high-temperature conditions.
  • Ordinary paints, building materials (cement, concrete, asphalt), ceramics, and other areas of iron oxide pigments are also available for customers.
  • Stable, high-quality iron oxide pigments at a reasonable price are offered to customers on different business lines.


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