OEM Packaging & Logo Customized

XT Pigment attaches great importance to the development of its own brand, combines traditional craftsmanship with technological development, and focuses on innovation.

Different color packaging difference

The packaging of XT is usually a paper-plastic composite bag, which is strong in packaging, waterproof and moisture-proof to a certain extent, and is not easy to be damaged during normal transportation. The package provides two kinds of packages of 25/20kg. Due to the particularity of the volume of yellow and orange pigments, usually yellow and orange are 20kg/bag.


Customized Packaging

In order to provide customers with a better product experience, we are very happy to provide customers with customized packaging services, which can help customers to seize the market, improve market awareness, and provide more convenience for customers to sell products in the local market.


Customers only need to inform the packaging ideas and the customer's own logo, or directly provide the design drawings, we will provide customers with customized packaging.


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