Laboratory & Technical

A. Construction Material Laboratory

BAOJI XUAN TAI PIGMENT offers a variety of series of inorganic pigment that adds lasting color to construction buildings. The choice of pigment is of major importance for the quality and final product performance.

XT PIGMENT laboratory performs research and development of inorganic pigments and their application in concrete, cement, asphalt paint mixtures, and other construction paint systems. Our lab guarantees pigment color shade stability, providing unlimited solutions to reach customers' requirements and supply the primary properties of the product.


B. Technical Support

As a leading manufacturer of iron oxide pigment, BAOJI XUAN TAI PIGMENT provides comprehensive technical support for pigment manufacturers and color shade OEMs worldwide. For iron oxide pigment, we provide free sample testing and documentation relative to alternative color shades and standard purity levels. We often develop custom, proprietary products to match each region's customers' concrete and cement color industry and markets. Our team of specialists has expertise in creating solutions for personal care applications.



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