Granular Iron Oxide Pigment Ferric Oxide Red Granules for Concrete


Product Introduction

The granular iron oxide red pigment with its Low Dust Technology is an environmentally friendly pigment and much safer for employees to work with. Granular iron oxide pigments are made by pigments and additives though special process. Granular iron oxide pigments though process the original iron oxide powder, being the produces with stable quality , regular shape ,and the particle size is about 0.2-1.0mm.

Compared with general powder iron oxide pigment, it can reduce at least 80% of the dust pollution,and the liquidity has been greatly improved, with good dispersion, easily dispersed in the corresponding application system, matching with the corresponding system. It is beneficial to conveying and precision measurement for automatic production line, suitable for industrialized mass production requirements of pigments.

The most popular granular iron oxides are granular iron oxide red, granular iron oxide yellow, granular iron oxide black, granular iron oxide orange, granular iron oxide brown.

Specifications(iron oxide Granules):

Product Name
 Ferric Oxide Red Granules for Concrete
 Inorganic pigment
 Low Dust,Light resistance, weather resistance, high temperature resistance,color stability
 Used in building materials, coatings, plastics, ceramics and other fields
 Packed in 25kg bags
Lead Time
 Within 15 days after order confirmation

Main Uses

Construction and building materials industry: iron oxide granules are often used in the coloring of building materials (such as bricks, tiles, cement,etc.)

Paint and coating industry: iron oxide granules are widely used in all kinds of coatings, including interior and exterior wall coatings, wood coatings, metal coatings, etc.

Plastics and rubber industry: iron oxide granules can be used for the coloring of plastic and rubber products, such as plastic products, rubber products, plastic films, etc.

Printing and ink industry: iron oxide granules are often used in printing inks, for printing all kinds of paper, packaging materials, plastic films, etc.

iron oxide color pigment for painting
Farbige Betondachsteine
color brick
color brick

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We provide free samples, you can choose 300g or 500g, you can also choose a variety of colors, according to your needs to send samples.So why wait? Choose our iron oxide red pigment today and experience the difference for yourself!With its exceptional quality, versatility, and eco-friendly properties, it's the perfect choice for all your coloring needs!

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