Industrial Grade Inorganic Pigments Iron Oxide Blue 461 Powder

Iron Oxide Blue Inorganic Pigment for Color Concrete

Shade Card (Technical Data)


Product Introduction

Iron oxide blue is mainly composed of magnetite, the chemical composition of magnetite is Fe3O4.It is a non-toxic, odorless, lightfast inorganic pigment.

In the use of building and plastic coloring, iron oxide blue has high coloring power, good light resistance, poor alkaline resistance, high heat resistance, and the temperature exceeds 150 degrees loses water of crystallization and begins to decompose into red pigment.

Iron oxide blue is widely used, as iron oxide pigment, it not only has good coloring ability, but also is very environmental protection, iron oxide blue gradually into the environmental protection industry, become the pigment for environmental protection. Iron oxide blue is widely used in building materials, paint, ink and other fields, as a kind of inorganic pigment, iron oxide blue can not only make our society add luster, but also make our environment more beautiful.

Product Type Fe2O3 Package Oil Absorption Tinting Strength PH value
Iron oxide blue 463、461 ≥95 25kg/bag 15-25 95-105 5-7


The synthesis as high purity, uniform particle size, wide chromatography, many colors, low price, non-toxic, excellent coloring, UV absorption and so on.

a. Good dispersion
b. Excellent light and weather resistance
c. Acid resistance
d. Water resistance
e. Solvent resistance
f. Resistance to other chemicals
g. Alkali resistance
h. Good coloring rate, no color permeability and migration

Main Uses

Iron oxide blue is mainly used for paints, inks, paintings, pigments and crayons, lacquered cloth, lacquered paper, plastic products coloring, building floor, floor tile coloring.

It is suitable for color tile, terrazzo, flowered brick, corridor brick and other building materials colorant, also can be used in advertising and coating, wood, rubber and plastic industries.

Blue iron oxide is used for coloring of building, paint, plastic rubber, ink, porcelain, colored asphalt, paper dye, etc.

Building materials include walls, floors and marble. Paint materials include paints, preservatives, spray paint, Mosaic tiles, concrete production tiles, sidewalk tiles, colored tiles, etc.

Plastics include thermosetting plastics, thermoplastic coloring and plastic runway, etc.

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