Methods of using carbon black powder

Carbon black is a kind of processed carbon black powder, which is widely used in semiconductor field. It is often used in film polishing, printing, photovoltaic and other fields in semiconductor process. Carbon black can be used in many ways and can be used in rubber, plastics, printing inks, dyes, electronic materials and pigments.

Carbon black in rubber and plastics

Carbon black is a common filler in rubber and plastics, which can increase the hardness, endurance, conductivity, weather resistance and flame retardant properties of materials. Carbon black is a common source of black pigments, such as stamps, bicycle tires, and shoe soles. In the production of rubber and plastic, in order to increase their strength and hardness, carbon black can be added to the raw material to better achieve this effect. This can not only reduce production costs, but also improve the properties of materials and product quality.


Carbon black in printing ink

Carbon black is also widely used in printing ink. Many black inks contain a high concentration of carbon black, allowing the ink to appear highly full and deep. The black carbon black ink has good coverage, which makes the printing pressure less and the printing effect more in line with the application requirements. At the same time, carbon black can also play anti oxidation, anti ozone, waterproof, anti oil and so on. In paper printing, carbon black ink is an important part of printing good blackness.


Carbon black in dyes and pigments

Carbon black is also widely used in the dye and pigment industry. In cosmetics and color makeup products, not only requires bright colors, good makeup effect, but also requires its delicacy and comfortable texture. Using carbon black as pigment can not only meet the aesthetic appearance requirements of the product, but also improve the stability of the coating and prolong the service life of the product. The use of carbon black in pigments is favored in black tones.


Carbon black in electronic materials

Carbon black is also used in the field of electronic materials. If used in conductive glue and polymer composite electrolyte, it can increase the resistivity. It is also used in black thermal printing, black electrode, black conductor and other fields. In addition, carbon black is widely used in the laser printing industry as a black toner, which can produce high-definition printed products.


Post time: Mar-14-2024


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